hi i'm dani and all i care about is rickyl.

njbc - text posts

Beth + Daryl or Rick + Michonne


i am so proud to be in the rickyl fandom

i mean it’s not like andy and norman haven’t already kissed anyways

(so very true though)

Do you think Carol is a superior leader (or on the same level) to Rick?

i do think she has it in her to be a good leader tbh

but idk

rick is the leader and he always will be, you know? even when he stepped down he was still the leader he always will be

Brick (beth/rick *sorry i just threw up in my mouth a little thinking about it*) or Michonne + the "too damn gorgeous" rainbow cat

michonne + the “too damn gorgeous” rainbow cat!!

(the idea of brick literally makes me sick to my stomach)

send me two ships and i’ll tell you which one i prefer

Of course i don't know the future, i don't need your sarcasm. But right now Rick's character is not even close to be gay. I need more character development to believe if he is bisexual or not and the same applies to Daryl.

i need more character development to believe if daryl is straight or not

how do you know about norman's tone? you don't even know of there's a video about it. For someone who is always saying to the world what she thinks you should probably investigate more about it and not keep talking about the shit somebody else post. you just love drama.

if it was his tone, he is not the guy i thought he was

this person said his tone was like he was laughing in his head at it, how the fuck do they know what’s in his head? he could have been thinking about what he’s going to post next on instagram for all we know

this is all bullshit 

you’re spewing hate at me for nothing, yet again

i’m the bad person for standing up for what’s right, yet again

that fandom gets away with ignorant bullshit comments, yet again