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Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!  

All you ask posts are about Beth bashing. I hate all the shipping crap and rickyl is just for fun, mostly because Andy & Norman are adorable geeks together. But if you are becoming another hot spot for Beth or Carol drama, let us know, so some of us can jump ship, in every sense of the word.

it’s not bashing, it’s opinions and thoughts about a character.

Rickyl is just for fun?


nah son shipping rickyl is a lifestyle.

and if you don’t like what you see on my blog now, you won’t like it in the future because i won’t change what i post because people want me to, so yeah I think it’s best you click that lil unfollow button :)

since when is saying my opinion about a character/actress and so on hating? i don't get the people who come to your ask and hate on you for saying what you think. screw them, you're amazing, ily!!

screw the haters, WE are amazing!

ily bro xo

Ok is there any way you could stop with the whole shipping/ character hate arguments? Or make everyone else shut up about it? It's really damn annoying. And it's also just a tv show.

thanks for appreciating my power but I can’t stop people talking about things :/ :/

Norman is, “my first, my last, my everything.”

I honestly don't understand why it is such a bad thing to comment on EK or anyone's acting. It's not remarking on the quality of the person's soul or anything, just weighing their talent, especially when that talent is incorporated into something in the public like TWD. It's okay to think it's subpar OR great. I commented on MB's acting in S1&S2 and I didn't get any backlash and you certainly don't deserve it. Everyone should just learn to love the ignore button. Your blog is great btw!

Yep, i totally agree, they put themselves out there and people will discuss their acting!

thank you!!! <3

Lmao an EP confirmed daryl fell in love with Beth so... Looks like they're gonna be canon. Deal with it.

i don’t get this ask because i said it was probably going to happen? 

and yeah that doesn’t mean beth will love him back, and i really wouldn’t be surprised if they went down that route which is just no

Yes every character has been through hell but she has had it the worst. She watched her mother die, her father get his head chopped off, both of her boyfriends died, she watched Patricia get torn apart and lost Otis too. She was separated from Maggie, her last family, and is now in a new cruel place. She's been through worse than most of the people on the show.

don’t even test me

every. single. person. has. been. through. hell

no one has had it worse than anyone else

well done, you made a list of bad things that happened to her, so what? you think she’s the only one who watched her father get his head chopped off? you think she’s the only one who’s had a loved one die? you think she’s the only one who was separated from family?

what about carol? she lost her little girl, and found her as a walker in a barn, what about carl? he shot his own mother so she didn’t turn, what about rick? he’s lost his wife, and he thinks he’s lost his baby daughter, what about maggie? who also saw her father’s head chopped off, what about andrea? she had to put down her own sister, come through wanting to kill herself and she was separated from the group, and for a while had to fend for herself an not only that, but she ended up dying for trusting the wrong person? what about daryl? who lost his brother for 2 seasons and had to put down him down when they were reunited, what about michonne? who’s son died? what about tyreese? who fell in love and lost the person he loved, what about bob? who has watched others around him die over and over again

every character has had SO many bad things happen to them, no one, and i repeat, no one, has had it the worst

Norman would hate you because you hate on Emily. Emily and him are very very good friends and he would be disgusted to see what you say about her.

I say she isn’t the best of actresses? that isn’t disgusting

lmfao i can’t with this ask